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Well Field Infrastructure Project receives great boost! ?>

Well Field Infrastructure Project receives great boost!

We are excited to announce the success of a funding bid from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. This will enable us to finally purchase our compost toilet, portacabin and grass reinforcement mesh. This is a huge step-forward for Greave House Farm Trust and will allow us to develop an increased indepence as a care farm. We would also like to thank Tracy Charlesworth from the East Peak Innovation Partnership for her support.

Herb Garden ?>

Herb Garden

We have exciting plans for a medicinal herb garden which we have been busily preparing beds for with the help of our current WWOOFER Jane.  We have used a ‘no-dig’ method, mulching the land with cardboard and topping it with straw and comfrey tea.  Soon we will begin planting out the herbs to match this beautiful plan by our horticulturalist.  If you would like to help us please come along to our Volunteer Work Day on Saturday 14th May or if…

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New Arrivals ?>

New Arrivals

Seven goslings were hatched earlier this week, causing quite a stir with visitors and Day Workers.  Then in contrast to their lively noisiness, Paul acquired two old lady tortoises – Ivy and Sparky who didn’t seem to need any settling in to their new home.  Josh and Richard, our Day Workers have been assigned tortoise monitors on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Soay Lambs! ?>

Soay Lambs!

Spring is officially here!  We woke up this morning to find our first lamb had entered the world and as we watched from a distance we saw the second one arrive.  What a magical moment and how lovely to see the ewe’s mothering instincts kicking in straight away.  Within five minutes it was wobbling around on its little legs trying to find its first meal.